New to Road Cycling?

New to Road Cycling? Try beatbike

New to Road Cycling? Try beatbike

We know that getting into road cycling can be a challenge. You may be keen to give it a try but are put off by the potential dangers of riding on busy roads, by the fear of getting to grips with handling a road bike itself, by not having someone of similar ability to go out riding with.

We specialise in beginner and novice road cycling training.  We can take you from zero to cycling hero, safely and at your own pace, in a matter of weeks.

All of our coaches are experienced and fully qualified British Cycling coaches and we ensure all of our classes are small so that you get the attention you need.  Our small groups also mean that you can easily get to know riders of similar ability to head out with whenever it suits you.

Our courses focus on the key techniques and skills which will enable you to get the best out of cycling, both mentally and physically. Each course is packed full of tips from our coaches that it often takes riders years to learn.  (For details of our next course click here) Our aim is to give you a simple, time effective way to kick start a new healthy, sociable lifestyle by then joining our friendly, sociable club runs.

Tips for first club run

Before:  read our Club Run Etiquette page.

Time: aim to arrive at 9:20am if possible to be ready for a 9:30 start. We plan to go through introductions/equipment/clothing check before heading off. We aim to return as close to 12:30 as possible. If you have tight time constraints please do tell us.

What to bring: a road worthy bike, helmet, a bottle of water, gloves, glasses, spare inner tube, pump, any medication you require.
What to wear: high visibility on the road is a safety priority so choose a bright jacket/top.  Avoid dark clothing and loose bottomed trousers.

A note on what is a road worthy bike: Ideally you will have a road bike. Road bikes have drop handlebars as opposed to hybrid bikes which have flat handle bars. Why – road bikes are lighter, faster and more comfortable to ride and ultimately will enable you to keep up in a group of cyclists. However, it is fine to participate in our Road Skills and Confidence course on a hybrid and we can then help you choose a road bike for future riding, especially if you want to come out on our weekly club rides.

We really welcome new riders. Cycling has inspired us and we would love you to be too.

Still have questions?

  • Check out our blog, we give lots of tips on getting started in road cycling and how to stay safe
  • Learn how to get started at beatbike.
  • Check out our FAQs.
  • Call us on 07710526815 if you have any other questions, we will be happy to hear from you.