Are you passionate about indoor and road cycling? Are you tired of the ‘Spin-in-a-Gym’ formula and ready to join a passionate community of coaches who love to motivate and inspire? Or maybe you have always wanted to bring your passion for fitness and cycling to others and would like to start a career as a coach.


beatbike is revolutionising the indoor cycling experience in the UK. We want to build a team of indoor and outdoor cycling coaches who can deliver a fresh, dynamic, energized ride experience to every class.leocinicolo_hi_res_colour-1004


Our coaches are supported through a dual qualification system to become a Spinning® instructor and a Level 2 British Cycling Coach.  We help you learn how to make motivating playlists and plan effective, fun indoor and outdoor coached sessions.


You will be encouraged to bring your own flair to our winning formula. Perhaps you have the hottest playlists, choreographed to carry riders to the top of the hardest climb; maybe you love to share your passion for cycling by simulating your favourite road race. The possibilities are endless and we will be there to support you through every pedal stroke.

So, go on, be brave…contact us now to arrange an audition.

the beatbike team xx