‘Brick’ is a term often used by triathletes (swim/bike/run) and duathletes (run/bike/run) to describe a type of training which combines both running and cycling in the same session. This back to back hour session aims to introduce the concept of cross training in a safe and fun environment. It is suitable for beginners in either discipline and of course perfect, for the ‘brave’ ones who would like to try a duathlon or triathlon for the first time. There is no better way to prepare than a good brick session to reduce that fear of ‘jelly legs’ when you hop off the bike and onto the run! Train with beatbike to become a faster, stronger, less injury prone athlete. Coached by Irene – a Run England, British Cycling, Spinning® and experienced triathlete and runner.


beat-brick is run as a simple, pay as you go class.  Book in advance on our online booking system via the classes tab.